I have a technical bent of mind with high level of qualification and practical application of the same, coupled with innovative ideas, which have borne good results wherever I have worked.

Army Officer’s Chair

There are about 60 chairs per person. From the chairs in the house, chair in office and then wherever one goes there would be a chair available: in the cinema, bank, hospital and so on.  Most of these chairs are lying unused at any given time.

Despite having so many chairs for one person, there are still many situations when one would desperately want to sit, but for a chair. One is always in a queue of a kind or another, at the bus stop, train station, banks, in fact almost everywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a chair always with oneself so that one could sit down wherever and whenever one liked? Wouldn’t it be nice if they were designed so that one could take them around all day long? Then you will need only one chair per person and there would always be a chair available when required.

Army Officer’s Chair is one such Product created in 1984.