We Flex Films Europa sp. z o.o. a subsidy of an international dynamic company from India UFLEX ltd. The company is headquartered in Noida (National Capital Region of Delhi) with a global reach and has state-of-the-art production facilities in India, Poland, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Egypt, Nigeria, and the United States.

Complete responsibility of setting up the plant from buying land to get construction, installation of plant and bringing it to profits. Paying back Loan in 7 years making is debt free. Getting 100% finance for second plant. Getting Tax exemption for 10 years from Government

The first factory in Europe was established in 2011 in Września Poland, 50 km from Poznań. Since then, we have been constantly developing and expanding our offer. We owe the enormous growth in recent years to the commitment, abilities, and constant efforts of our people. On 6th May 2011 Bhoomi puja was done Construction Started on 6th June 2011 and Commercial Production Started on 15th July 2012. Second Plant construction got completed and line started on 5th May 2020.

We have extensive production capabilities in the field of biaxially oriented PET (BOPET) film. Have 215,378 Sq.M of land in Września out of which 21,144 Sq.M is for residential and recreation purpose and balance 194,234 Sq.M for manufacturing units. We have already constructed 44,094 Sq.M for two plants, MLP recycling and a warehouse.

One 10.4 & One 8.7-meter wide Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET) Film Line with a cumulative capacity of 78,000 TPA 

Four 2.85-meter-wide plasma enhanced innovative high-barrier metallizers with a cumulative capacity of 30,000 TPA

We have added Holography with latest embossing machine our lens design is quite famous on product like Marlboro cigarette and Taittinger wines. With a capacity of 33,000 Sq.M per day.

Total investment as on date in Poland is 129 million EURO.

We ship our products to customers in Europe and work on a physiology of manufacture product as near to the customer as we can. We have more than 100 direct customer and supply to 125 plus location in 26 countries of Europe.

We are in the process of adding MLP (Multi-layer plastic) recycling plant with a capacity to recycle postconsumer MLP into finished good. The plant is operational. We have technology to recycle MLP and has a capacity of 350 T per month.

We employ 300 + direct workers and have 45 indirect workers. Every day around 26 Trucks come in and go out of our Plant.

We choose Września as it is on Motor Road (Highway A-2), Is located midway between Berlin and Warsaw, International Airport 45 KM away, Rail hub 32 KM, Custom warehouse 25 KM and above all Investor friendly local Govt.

We do lot of CRS activities like

  • Sponsor specialistic outfits for doctors and paramedics employed in Września’s ambulance service.
  • School children from class 4th Plus are encouraged to visit the Plant and see how production is done and how the office looks like.
  • Vocational training is given to students at technical university in cooperation with technical schools.
  • 2 Parks are maintained by us in the city.
  • Every year we support Fire brigade with charity
  • On May Day we sponsor the charity show.

We relentlessly endeavor to enhance value for our clients by offering innovation to create value added differentiation and best-in-class service. We at Flex Films Europe strongly believe in taking all stakeholders along in our pursuit to become the most preferred supplier .