I have a technical bent of mind with high level of qualification and practical application of the same, coupled with innovative ideas, which have borne good results wherever I have worked.

Water Purifier Cum Chiller (WPCC)

Today, in many workplaces, commercial establishments, restaurants, etc. a water purifier is attached to a cooler, which means the water is first purified then cooled.

  • But how often is the cooler storage tank cleaned?  So the chances of re-contamination are high and the water you are drinking may not be free from diseases-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • That makes the use of the purifier before the cooling process completely futile. WPCC Cooler Cum Purifier has the technology to ensure that your drinking water is not just cool but also 100% safe.
  • Conventional coolers have storage tanks that require a minimum start-up time of 60 minutes for sufficient cooling. However, WPCC needs a start-up time of only 5 minutes

WPCC has a 2 in 1 system that includes both a cooler and a purifier. So, you do not have to attach a purification system essential in the case of conventional coolers and bear additional expenses, nor the inconvenience of maintaining them separately. WPCC is designed to save power since its compressor comes on only when the cold water is drawn, unlike water coolers that switch on even when there’s no water consumption

  • WPCC ensures that the water you drink is 100% safe, since the water is first cooled and then purified, leaving no chance of recontamination.
  • WPCC Cooler Cum Purifier is designed to occupy minimum space. And can easily fit into offices, shops, showrooms, hospitals, schools etc.
  • WPCC gives you the option of chilled as well as room temperature water, all at the press of a switch.