Reliance Web World is a world-class nationwide chain of retail stores for products and services of the Reliance communication. It is designed to give the customer a delightful experience of the digital world of information, communication, entertainment and utility services. Ready-to-use affordable furnished offices in prime locations in over 100 cities flexibility to choose size, location and period of use high-speed internet connectivity with pc, webcam & microphone air-conditioned comfort on-demand reprographic facilities and video conferencing on-demand admin & tech support. The outlets will be based on the C3 model – Customer Convenience Centre. Interestingly, WebWorld Express will have a mix of both the company-owned and franchisee models.

Reliance WebWorld, on its own, we had over 100 outlets across UP, Punjab and Haryana which act as outlets for the wireless service, apart from offering a host of convergence and broadband-related services. Among these are gaming,

  • Video chat,
  • Video conferencing,
  • Digital music and music downloading.
  • Java Green service which is part of its Food and Beverage (F&B) .
  • Call Center in Night.